Almighty God’s Word “Those Who Believe in God Should Submit to Him”

🌻 Almighty God says, “The key to submission to God is the capacity to receive the newest light, accept it and put into practice; that is true submission. If one does not have such will to thirst for God, one cannot attain submission to God in his heart; instead one will resist God due to his satisfaction with his current status. … ”
🌻 From: Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God


“God Himself, the Unique VIII God Is the Source of Life for All Things (II)” (Part One) | Eastern Lightning

🍒 Almighty God says: “Let’s continue the communication topic from last time. Can you recall what topic we communicated last time? (God Is the Source of Life for All Things.) Is “God Is the Source of Life for All Things” a topic that feels very far away to you? Can someone tell Me the main point of this topic we communicated last time? (Through God’s creation of all things, I see that God nurtures all things and nurtures mankind. In the past, I always thought that when God supplies man, He only supplies His word to His chosen people, but I never saw, through the laws of all things, that God is nurturing mankind. … ”
🍒 The Church of Almighty God

Every Nation Worships the Practical God

The Spirit of Truth Has Come! | Every Nation Worships the Practical God

🎇 God says, “Did you not desire greatly to see the God in heaven? Did you not desire greatly to understand the God in heaven? Did you not desire greatly to see the destination of mankind? He will tell you all these secrets that no man has been able to tell you, and He will even tell you of the truths that you do not understand. He is your gate into the kingdom, and your guide into the new age” (The Word Appears in the Flesh).
🎆 From: The Church of Almighty God

God’s Love

Return of a Prodigal Son

I then also remembered that God once said: “Regardless of whether you transgress involuntarily or out of a rebellious nature, just remember: Hurry and wake up to reality! Press onward; no matter what situation arises, you must press onward. God is working to save people …” (“God’s Will Is to Save People to the Greatest Extent Possible” in Records of Christ’s Talks). …

The Church of Almighty God

Seeing My True Colors Clearly

Almighty God says: “It would be best for you to devote more effort on the truth of knowing the self. Why have you not found favor with God? Why is your disposition abominable to Him? Why are your words loathsome to Him? You praise yourselves for your little loyalty and want reward for your small sacrifice; you look down upon others when you show a bit obedience, and become contemptuous of God upon performing some petty work. …”

Almighty God

6 Almighty God Gave Me a Second Life —The Story of a Person Who Fiercely Resisted Almighty God’s Work of the Last Days

”     I was a co-worker of the Stream of Recovery. On December 8, 1998, a brother of our church came to me to preach the work of Almighty God of the last days. He gave me a book of Almighty God’s word and asked me to read it. I was very angry and rebuked him, “We only believe in the Lord Jesus; why did you convert to the faith of another god?” Running my eyes over more than one page of the book, I laid it aside, because I thought the words were plain and simple, and too shallow. The brother said to me earnestly, “Better finish reading it, and you will know it is truly the word personally spoken by God.” “I don’t think so. Now that you insist it is God’s own word, you get a pen and a notebook, put them on the table, and ask God to speak!” I said rudely. And then I murmured to myself angrily, “You believers in Almighty God…”
from:The Church of Almighty God

5. God’s Discipline Made Me Examine Myself; God’s Word Conquered Me

“I was formerly a leader in the Born Again Church. Since 1997, the believers in the Almighty God had been constantly preaching the gospel to me, no matter whether it was windy or rainy, extremely hot or bitterly cold, daytime or nighttime. However, I always retorted upon them, saying, “‘The Eastern Lightning’ you preach is a female Christ. Don’t deceive me.”
from The Church of Almighty God