God Is the Power of My Life

God With Me | Christian Movie “God Is the Power of My Life” Christians Depend on God to Defeat Satan

Fang Jin is a Christian. She was arrested by the CCP government at a gathering. To force her to sell out her brothers and sisters and betray God, the police deprived her of food, water and sleep for seven days and six nights, and inflicted all kinds of inhuman torture on her: vicious beating, “playing the swings,” squatting, teasing, and humiliating …
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Child, Come Back Home | God Saved Me From Video Games

Li Xinguang is a senior high school student. He had been a sensible and well-behaved boy since he was little. His parents and his teachers were very fond of him. While going to middle school, he became infatuated with internet computer games. He would frequently skip classes in order to go to the internet café …
Source from: Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God

Gospel Movie clip “Song of Victory” (4) – Signs of the Lord Jesus’ Second Coming

🎬 When the Lord Jesus came to do His work, He preached the gospel of the heavenly kingdom everywhere on a grand scale, and it reverberated throughout the entire religious world and the Jewish nation. On the day that the Lord Jesus returns to do His work, it has shaken people from every sect and group, and caused a sensation across the entire world …
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“Song of Victory” (1) – How Will the Lord Appear and Perform His Work When He Returns?

💖 The omen of great disaster during the last days–four blood moons have occurred and the stars in the sky have taken on a strange appearance; great disaster draws near, and many of those with faith in the Lord have had a feeling of His second coming or that He has already arrived …
💖 Source from: Eastern Lightning | the Church of Almighty God

Clip “Break the Spell” (6) – Is Obedience to Pastors and Elders the Same as Obedience to God?

🌲 Some believers believe that the pastors and elders of the religious world have all been chosen and appointed by the Lord, and that they are all people who serve the Lord. So they believe that only obeying the pastors and elders is obeying the Lord, and that defying or condemning the pastors and elders is defying the Lord …
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Movie clip (5) – Are the Pastors and Elders of the Religious World Truly Appointed by the Lord?

🌲 God personally gives testimony to everyone He appoints and makes use of. At the very least, they all receive the confirmation of the work of the Holy Spirit, exhibit the fruits of the Holy Spirit’s work, and can help God’s chosen people receive the provision of life and true shepherding …
🌲 Source from: Eastern Lightning | the Church of Almighty God