Best Christian Movie | Can Money Buy Happiness? | “Fortune and Misfortune” (English Dubbed)

“… In 2008, harboring the dream of making a lot of money, she and her husband went to Japan to work. After a few years, the pressure of onerous work and the excessive working hours caused her to collapse from fatigue. …”

The Great Red Dragon Shows Its Ugly Face

Christian Crosstalk “The Great Red Dragon Shows Its Ugly Face” (English Dubbed) | The Church of Almighty God

This crosstalk principally reveals that the great red dragon not only wants to rule the people of China, but also has deluded ambitions of unifying Taiwan and dominating the whole of Asia and even Europe and North America. …

Yearning the Church of Almighty God

Gospel Movie Clip “Yearning” (2) – Do You Understand the Mystery of God’s Appearance?

Many believers in the Lord believe that the Lord will return in glory, descending on a cloud and appearing to all peoples, so they are always gazing at the clouds in the sky, waiting for the Lord to come down on a cloud, and to be raptured up into the heavens and meet with Him. Is this belief in line with the truth? …