God Is the Power of My Life

God With Me | Christian Movie “God Is the Power of My Life” Christians Depend on God to Defeat Satan

Fang Jin is a Christian. She was arrested by the CCP government at a gathering. To force her to sell out her brothers and sisters and betray God, the police deprived her of food, water and sleep for seven days and six nights, and inflicted all kinds of inhuman torture on her: vicious beating, “playing the swings,” squatting, teasing, and humiliating …
Source from: Eastern lightning | The Church of Almighty God


Child, Come Back Home | God Saved Me From Video Games

Li Xinguang is a senior high school student. He had been a sensible and well-behaved boy since he was little. His parents and his teachers were very fond of him. While going to middle school, he became infatuated with internet computer games. He would frequently skip classes in order to go to the internet café …
Source from: Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God

The CCP Claims the Conditions of Religion in China Are Favorable. Massimo Introvigne: NOT True

“In 2017, from June 24 to 28, and from September 14 to 15, the Chinese Communist Party had held two international anti-cult academic conferences successively in Henan and Hong Kong. In a subsequent Chinese official report, it reads, “Experts express that from this research study, sufficient understanding has been gained on China’s religious and anti-cult policies, dispelling previous misunderstanding about the issues of cults in China … “