Praise the Accomplishment of God’s Work

Endless Praise | A Cappella “Praise the Accomplishment of God’s Work”

All the lovers of God obey God, and live out the reality of God’s word.
All people have cast off filth and corruption and become clean,
glorifying and testifying God’s holy name, and satisfying God’s heart’s desire.
The earth is filled with holiness and righteousness, presenting a beautiful and new scene.
from: The Church of Almighty God

Almighty God, You Are So Glorious

Praise of God’s People Before the Throne of God | “Almighty God, You Are So Glorious”

The last Christ, Almighty God, You are the Redeemer come again.
You speak to the people, using the truth to judge and purify them. 
Your words bear authority and power, purifying people’s corrupt disposition. 
Your words reveal omnipotence, and even more God’s righteousness.
God’s word judges the old world, judges nations, judges peoples.
God’s words achieve all; God has already thoroughly defeated Satan. 
Praise God, praise God. Oh Almighty God, You are so glorious! 
from: The Church of Almighty God

Obey Almighty God

Almighty God | Guitar Playing “God Treasures One Who Can Listen to His Word and Obey Him”

Almighty God says “In God’s eyes, whether a man is great or small, as long as he can listen to God’s word, obey God’s commandment and commission, cooperate with God’s work, and cooperate with God’s will and God’s plan, so that God’s will and God’s plan can be carried out smoothly and fulfilled, such a deed is worthy for God to remember and worthy for God to bless, worthy for God to bless…”