Christian Song God Is Love

Christian Song | God Is Love | “Only the Creator Takes Pity on This Mankind”

“Only the Creator shares with mankind an unbroken bond of mercy and love.
Only He cherishes all of His creation, all of His creation.
His every thought, always for the good of mankind.
… “

Come Before God Often Almighty God

Christian Music Video | Face to Face With God | “Come Before God Often”

“Take the chance when you have time, sit in silence before God.
Read His word, know His truths, right the transgressions in you.
Trials come, take them on; know God’s will and you’ll have strength.
Tell Him what things you lack, share His truth always.
… “

Gospel Music “God Treasures Those Who Can Listen to and Obey Him” (A Cappella) | Eastern Lightning

“God doesn’t care whether one is humble or great. As long as he listens to God, obeys what God orders and entrusts, can cooperate with His work, with His plan and His will, so that His will and plan can proceed without hindrance, such action is worthy of, worthy of God’s remembrance, and worthy of receiving, receiving His blessing. …”