God’s Open Administration Throughout the Universe

    😇 When all nations and peoples return before God’s throne, God shall confer upon the human world all bounty of heaven, so that it will brim with matchless bounty because of Him, matchless bounty because of Him. All stars, the sun and moon in the heavens, God will make them new, make them new. The skies will no longer be as they once were.
😇 from: The Church of Almighty God

The Work of Judgment in the Last Days Is to End the Age

💕The last days is but a name of an age, like the Ages of Law and Grace, not the last years or months, and differs a lot from those two ages. The last days’ work isn’t done in Israel, but it’s carried out among the Gentiles. It is the conquest of all nations before God’s throne. And God’s glory will fill the whole cosmos.
💕from The Church of Almighty God