Corrupt Man Is Incapable of Representing God

Almighty God says: “Man has been living under the shroud of the influence of darkness, held in bondage to Satan’s influence with no escape. And the disposition of man, after it has undergone processing by Satan, is becoming increasingly corrupt. One could say that man has always lived with his corrupt satanic disposition, unable truly to love God … ”
Source from: Eastern lightning | The Church of Almighty God


Almighty God’s Word “What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold”

In times past, many pursued with the ambition and notions of man and for the sake of the hopes of man. These matters will not be discussed now. The key is to find a way of practice that will enable each of you to maintain a normal condition before God and to gradually break free of the shackles of Satan’s influence, so that you may be gained by God, and live out on earth what God asks of you.

The Path … (5)

🌞 Almighty God says: “It used to be that no one knew the Holy Spirit, and they particularly did not know what the path of the Holy Spirit is. That’s why people always made fools of themselves in front of God. It can be said that nearly all of the people who believe in God do not know the Spirit, but just have a confused kind of belief … ”
🌲 Source from: Eastern lightning | The Church of Almighty God

On the Steps of God’s Work

Almighty God says: “From the outside, it seems that the steps of God’s work in this current stage have already been finished, and that mankind has already experienced the judgment, chastisement, smiting, and refinement of His words, and that they have undergone the steps such as the trial of service-doers, the refinement of the times of chastisement, the trial of death, the trial of the foils, and the times of[a] loving God … ”
Source from: Eastern lightning | The Church of Almighty God

What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold

Almighty God: “What is it that man has received since he first believed in God? What have you known about God? How much have you changed because of your belief in God? Now you all know that man’s belief in God is not solely for salvation of the soul and welfare of the flesh, nor is it to enrich his life through love of God, and so on … ”
Source from: The Church of Almighty God | Eastern lightning

The Path … (4)

Almighty God says: “That people are able to discover God’s loveliness, to seek the way of loving God in this age, and that they are willing to accept the training of the kingdom of today—all of this is God’s grace and even more, it’s Him uplifting mankind. Whenever I think of this I strongly feel the loveliness of God … ”
Source from: Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God

The Path … (3)

Almighty God says: “In My own life, I’m always willing to give Myself over to God entirely, body and mind. This way, there is no blame on My conscience and I can gain a little bit of peace. A person who pursues life must first give their heart over to God entirely. This is a precondition … ”
Source from: Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God