“God Himself, the Unique X God Is the Source of Life for All Things (IV)” (Part Four)

💖 “We have come to the end of the topic of “God is the source of life for all things,” as well as that of “God is the unique God Himself.” Having done so, we need to make a summary. What kind of summary? One about God Himself. Since it is about God Himself, then it must relate to every aspect of God, as well as to people’s form of belief in God. And so, first I have to ask you: Having heard the preaching, who is the God in your mind’s eye? (The Creator.) The God in your mind’s eye is the Creator. … ”
🍇 From: The Church of Almighty God

God Is the Source of Life for All Things (IV) Part Three

💙 “Let us return to God’s chosen people. When they die, God’s chosen people go somewhere completely different from the unbelievers and the various people of faith. It is a place where they are accompanied by angels and God’s messengers, and one which is personally administered by God. Although, in this place, God’s chosen people are not able to behold God with their own eyes, it is unlike anywhere else in the spiritual realm; it is a place where this portion of people go after they die. … ”
💙 from: The Church of Almighty God

The Church of Almighty God

The Essence of Personal Revenge

    💖Oh God, thank You for Your quick enlightenment, for preventing my discriminatory behavior, for allowing me to better see my own evil nature and my face of Satan acting as Your enemy. From this day forward, I am willing to pursue a change in disposition, and when I encounter people or things that are disagreeable to me, I will learn to put myself aside, to forsake the flesh, and in all things safeguard the interests of the church, to do my utmost to fulfill my duties.
💕 from: the Church of Almighty God

God Is the Source of Life for All Things (IV) (Part Two)

💥 Almighty God says: “For any soul, the role they play after being reincarnated—what their role is in this life—what family they are born into, and what their life is like are closely related to their past life. All kinds of people come into the world of man, and the roles they play are different, as are the tasks they carry out. And what tasks are these? … ”
💥 from The Church of Almighty God

God Himself, the Unique X God Is the Source of Life for All Things (IV) (Part One)

💥 Almighty God says: “Today, we are communing a special topic. For each and every one of you, there are only two main things that you need to know, experience and understand—and what are these two things? The first is people’s personal entry into life, and the second relates to knowing God. Today I give you a choice: …”
✨from: The Church of Almighty God

Knowing God Is the Path to Fearing God and Shunning Evil

💖 “This God, who is by your side, guiding the direction of your progress, ordaining your destiny, and supplying your needs—how much do you, in the final analysis, understand and how much do you really know about Him? Do you know what He works on you every single day? Do you know the principles and purposes on which He bases His every action? Do you know how He guides you? Do you know the means by which He supplies you? …”
💖 from: Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God

Don’t Find New Tricks When Serving God

✨🌲✨It was in God’s revelation that I finally realized my own satanic nature of arrogance and recklessness: I did not have a shred of reverence in front of God, I was not at all obedient. I realized at the same time that the human mind is a pit of fetid water. My “ingenious” method, however good, was Satan’s wish, and it could only disgust God. It could only offend Him and disrupt His work…
🌲 🌲 from: Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God