Christian Music Video | Live in the Light | “The Prayer of God’s People”

💕God’s people are raised before His throne, many prayers in their hearts.
God blesses all who return to Him; they all live in the light.
Pray the Holy Spirit enlightens God’s word that we fully know God’s will.
May all people cherish God’s word and come seeking to know God.

💕From: Eastern lightning | The Church of Almighty God

Corrupt Man Is Incapable of Representing God

Almighty God says: “Man has been living under the shroud of the influence of darkness, held in bondage to Satan’s influence with no escape. And the disposition of man, after it has undergone processing by Satan, is becoming increasingly corrupt. One could say that man has always lived with his corrupt satanic disposition, unable truly to love God … ”
Source from: Eastern lightning | The Church of Almighty God

God Is the Power of My Life

God With Me | Christian Movie “God Is the Power of My Life” Christians Depend on God to Defeat Satan

Fang Jin is a Christian. She was arrested by the CCP government at a gathering. To force her to sell out her brothers and sisters and betray God, the police deprived her of food, water and sleep for seven days and six nights, and inflicted all kinds of inhuman torture on her: vicious beating, “playing the swings,” squatting, teasing, and humiliating …
Source from: Eastern lightning | The Church of Almighty God

Second Coming of the Lord | “The Substance of Christ Is God”

🎙 “This flesh can’t be replaced by just any man. This flesh can adequately bear God’s work on earth. This flesh can express the disposition of God, can well represent God and provide man with life. Those who pass themselves off as Christ, sooner or later will all fall. For although they call themselves as Christ, they possess none of the substance of Christ … ”
🎙 Recommend: Eastern lightning | The Church of Almighty God

Christian Song | In the Age of Kingdom, the Word Accomplishes Everything

🎤 “Through the word, man comes to know God’s work and His disposition. Through the word, man knows his essence, and knows what he ought to enter into. All God’s work in the Age of Word is accomplished through the word. And man is revealed, eliminated, and tried through the word … ”
🎤 Source from: Eastern lightning | The Church of Almighty God

Almighty God’s Word “What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold”

In times past, many pursued with the ambition and notions of man and for the sake of the hopes of man. These matters will not be discussed now. The key is to find a way of practice that will enable each of you to maintain a normal condition before God and to gradually break free of the shackles of Satan’s influence, so that you may be gained by God, and live out on earth what God asks of you.

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth “It’s Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person”

Understanding the truth frees one’s spirit and makes one happy. (That’s true!)
I am filled with confidence in God’s word and harbor no doubts. (How could we have any doubts?)
I am without negativity, I do not retreat, and never despair. (Look!)
I uphold my duty with all my heart and mind, and I have no concerns for the flesh.
I’m not bad, either!

Source from: Eastern lightning | The Church of Almighty God